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                                                         OFF BROADWAY

My Big Gay Italian Midlife Crisis            Lucia Fuccio                                             Dir. Anthony Wilkinson

Tony and Tina’s Wedding                        Aunt Rose                                                  Dir. Tony Lauria and Joe Corcoran

Murdered by the Mob: NYC                     Swing                                                          Dir. John Merola & Michael Morana



Ragtime                                          Emma Goldman                                           Pittsburgh Playhouse Dir. Michael Rupert

RENT                                             Maureen Johnson & Mimi Rodrigez            Dir. Rich Martino & Tracy McDowell

The Rocky Horror Show                           Magenta                                             Dir. Rich Martino

Tommy                                                      The Acid Queen                                The Culture Arts Playhouse

Grease                                                        Rizzo                                                The Culture Arts Playhouse

Sweet Charity                                             Nicki                                                 The Culture Arts Playhouse

Wing Wigglin’                                            Brenda Blue                                      Milestone Productions

The Waiting Room                                     Brenda: Nurse Bruce ET all.            Dir. John Dorcic

The Little People’s 50th Birthday Party      Michael                                            Milestone Productions & Fisher Price

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel                      Day player                               Dir. Amy Shceller - Paladino

Pandora’s Box: Season 2                           Day player                               ID



Blue Iron                                                 Co- Star                                  Dir. Chris Adams, Amazon Studios
11pm Drop Off                                       Lead                                       Leo Film Productions Dir. Will Mercado
Bad Day                                                   Lead                                       Leo Film Productions Dir. Will Mercado

Bank Job                                                  Lead                                       Leo Film Productions Dir. Will Mercado

Loss Prevention                                     Lead                                       Leo Film Productions Dir. Will Mercado

Silence of the Man                                 Co- Star                                 MBC Industries Dir. Michael Boyne

Sketch U: Steroids for Kids                  Co- Star                                  Browder & Mack Productions


Michael Chekov Technique                   Stonybrook University             Alec Baldwin, Bethany Caputo, & Steve Hamilton

Vocal and Musical Theatre Coach         Katy Pfaffl Studio                    Katy Pfaffl Vocal Coach                     

Vocal Coach                                           The Singers Forum                  Eric Michael Gillett                 

Stage to Screen                                      Actor’s Connection                  Paul Davis

Commercial Technique                         Actor’s Connection                  Barry Shapiro

Point Park University:

Acting: Uta Hagen Technique (Richard Keitel), Stella Adler Technique (John Amplas), Shakespeare: Linkslater, (Nona Gerard).  

Musical Theatre Technique: Jack Allison, Zeva Barzell, & Scott Wise.                                                                           Voice & Speech: Skinner Technique: Sheila McKenna.                           

Vocal Coaches: Jeff Howell & Stephanie Risso

Ballet/ Contemporary Jazz/ Musical Theater: Kiesha Lalama-White, Zeva Barzell, Nicolas Petrov & Sarah Everhart


Impersonations, Improvisation, Authentic Brooklyn Accent, Authentic Long Island Accent, British, Cockney, Jamaican, Irish, Indian, Scottish, Puerto Rican, Chinese, Russian and French Dialect, Blood Curdling Scream, Fall and Burp on Cue, Laid U.S. Passport, and Driver's Liscence.

Sports: Baton & Fire Twirling, Rollerblading, Football, Baseball, Lacrosse, Swimming, Goji- Ryu: white belt, & Bowling.

Dance: Choreographing, Jazz Contemporary Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Swing, Musical Theater, Bachata, & Hip Hop.

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